Let’s Play!

Play is something I’ve always found a bit tricky. Luckily my four-year-old, Felix, has always been happy to play by himself so I haven’t really had to come up with elaborate play times to keep him happy, but as he’s getting older and will be heading to school this September I feel as though I should be making play time a bit more constructive.

Also, Baby Al is seven months old and is very interested in toys, I say toys but to be fair he had quite a lot of fun with an empty tissue box the other day, so you know, whatever keeps him happy!

I stumbled upon PlayHOORAY on Instagram a few weeks ago and this lady is brilliant. She’s given me so many ideas to make play fun and more importantly she uses loads of household items for inspiration, so it’s not going to cost megabucks to keep your kids entertained.

The biggest hits in this house have been ‘cooking’ with water beads and random bits of pasta and rice. And the washing basket of fun has been a huge fave with the smallest one (and me, as it means I can pop him in there and move him around the house).

Because I’m a bit neurotic I’ve invested in a concrete mixing tray to keep all the activities that might get messy contained. I got mine here, but you can also get them from Amazon and eBay. This is so handy because as well as keeping everything in one spot, you can use chalk pens on them too and it scrubs off – hurrah!

I mean, the bubs still spends quite a lot of his time in the Jumperoo and his bouncer, and Felix mostly likes jumping off the sofa and bashing plastic dinosaurs about, but at least I feel a bit more confident trying out new ideas.

If you have any fave ways to play with your little ones do share them in the comments, I’d love a few more ideas.


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