From Moody Munchers To Happy Crunchers

So, I originally named this blog Toast For Tea to highlight my slovenly ways, it was a bit of a running joke in my house that I’d always offer up toast for tea to the kids (and me and Paul sometimes) as it was a surefire winner and quick and easy for me. The only issue with this is that Felix has become way too familiar with toast for tea with beans/jam/peanut butter/spaghetti (see, the options are endless) and is pretty unadventurous when it comes to his food consumption. SO from now on I’m going to chronicle my culinary adventures right here as I try to branch out and make more varied meal choices for the kids.

I hope that documenting it will spur me on to try new dishes and also possibly help give others some inspiration, as I know it’s a massive pain in the arse coming up with new ideas for mealtimes. Toast for tea will no longer an option…let’s get cooking!


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