Creating My Dream Mattress

Back at the start of the year I was lucky enough to be asked by Mumsnet if I would like to help Dreams create a mattresses for parents, obviously I jumped at the chance.

My mattress woes go back to when we moved house six years ago and treated ourselves to a new bed. It turns out the new bed was like sleeping on a lumpy rock and my issues ramped up a notch after the birth of Felix, when I used to wake in the night unable to move because of the pain in my hips. So to be asked to help create the perfect mattress felt like winning the lottery.

With an energetic four year old and a six-month-old baby I was dreaming of a blissful night’s sleep and it turns out I was not alone. A whopping 97% of parents who took the Mumsnet sleep survey said they would like to improve the quality of sleep that they get.

I travelled up to the Dreams factory in Birmingham along with a handful of bloggers and Mumsnetters to take part in a focus group where we learned all about the art of mattress making. I had no idea about the thought that goes into designing a mattress but I learned so much that day as we discussed fillings, springs and designs to find out what parents really want from their mattress.

We also had a tour around the factory which really showed off the enthusiasm of the Dreams staff, they genuinely seemed to love their job. I was quite surprised that the mattresses are all still made by hand – it’s a really skilled art and many of the employees have been working there for around a decade so are real experts.

After a day of learning what mattresses are made of it was our turn to create a Mumsnet mattress of dreams. I was on the team that preferred a firmer mattress and we came up with an all-natural product with 3000 pocket springs, alpaca, wool and cotton filling for great temperature control and antibacterial properties. We then finished it off with an anti-allergy treatment to provide a superior night’s sleep and picked out the trim and topping, we named it Kindred in support of all the other parents wishing for a decent night’s sleep. The name fits really well with the sister mattress, Spirit, that has a medium feel with latex for extra comfort.

I’ve been testing out the mattress for around a month now and I love it. It’s very firm, but I’m sleeping better than I have for years. I really love the plush feel of the topping and the pocket springs mean that when Felix creeps into our bed in the early hours we don’t get disturbed as it prevents any roll together. It is also really comfortable temperature-wise which is brilliant as me previous memory foam mattress turned me into a total sweaty betty.

You can buy both the Kindred and Spirit mattresses from Dreams, the Kindred starts at £899 and the Spirit starts from £699. I’m really proud of our finished product as I know how important a good night’s sleep is to parents and I hope we bring some well-earned rest to other mums and dads.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a mattress in return for taking part in the focus group and an honest review, all opinions are my own. 





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