Benefit – Bad Gal Bang

Continuing on my quest for the perfect mascara I had to snap up Bad Gal Bang, the new addition to the Benefit family, when I spied it in Boots last week. Now, I’ve learned from my mistakes and picked up the mini version as my ‘overflow’ make up bag is full of mascaras that have failed to impress and quite frankly I’m running out of room to store them (it seems to painful to bin them after a few applications).The blurb on the packaging promises ‘bigger, badder’ lashes, which I took to mean darker, longer and thicker – innuendo city! And to an extent I agree, this product is certainly a huge step forward from their original Bad Gal mascara, I’m talking circa 2008 here, which left me deeply disappointed as I couldn’t handle the terrible smudging. They might have improved it since, but I never dared try it again.

Bad Gal Bang definitely doesn’t smudge, it’s still clinging on for dear life when I’ve tried to remove it with a bit of Cleanse and Polish. It does make my lashes seem thicker and I LOVE the applicator, it’s well tapered so you can grab every lash and its pretty flexible too, it just feels really lovely to apply. But I’m not sold on the length of them, for me Roller Lash has this one nailed.

And that’s my issue here. For me, Roller Lash is perfect – it lengthens, thickens and curls to perfection and it’s also super easy to remove, so I’m not really sure what Bad Gal Bang brings to the party that Roller Lash doesn’t already have covered.

All in all, it’s a pretty good mascara, but I think if I had to pick the best Benefit has to offer then this isn’t it.

Bad Gal Bang is £20.50 for the full size and £10.50 for the mini.


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