Baby Update: Alexander at 7 Months

Aww, look at his cute little mush and dribbly sleeves!

Alexander is actually nearer eight months, but it taken me the best part of two weeks to find the time to sit down and write this – sorry!

So, we still don’t really know what to call him, which is RIDICULOUS, I know. We originally wanted to call him Xander, but I’m not 100% sold on it, Alex sounds too grown up, Alexander is very grand for a baby. And then there’s also a Baby Alexander on Peppa Pig, so that kind of puts me off too!

So he still goes by the name of Baby B at home (we started with Baby Brother and it kind of stuck), or in public I usually refer to him at ‘the baby’, ‘the latest one’ or ‘the new one’. Which does him a great disservice, poor guy. Hopefully he’ll grow into a proper name soon.

He still eats like a sparrow, he’s never been fussed by milk and we thought he might have an intolerance, but it seems that’s not the case. He’s not really bothered about purées either, the only think that he seems interested in eating is toast, but I’m not sure he’s getting much of that but we’ll keep trying. The health visitors don’t seem bothered because he’s still hitting his centile targets, although I have no idea how because he doesn’t consume much at all.

This month he’s had his first tooth, the second is on the way.

He’s also started babbling a bit more, adding mama, dada, and nana to his repertoire.

He’s happier on his front than usual and he rolls all over the place but he still won’t sit up, he’d rather try and stand and we can’t really work out why he doesn’t like to sit, but hopefully he’ll get there.

He’s nowhere near sleeping through, he wakes up at 10:30, then around 2, then 5-6 for a bottle, which is crazy as from newborn to around five months he only used to wake once for food. BUT we think he’s got his food intake upside down, because he barely eats in the day and then drinks a lot of milk at night. So we need to address this really or I’ll go insane with sleep deprivation soon.

But to be honest we’ve had a bit of a struggle with him, he’s been SO unhappy for months. We managed to solve the 6-10pm crying sessions by putting him to bed at 7, But he’s still been pretty miserable during the day. We took him to an osteopath which has helped a bit, but since then he’s had an ear infection so we can’t tell if it’s worked or not. Hopefully he’ll be better once the antibiotics have kicked in, but he’s been in the wars, poor guy.

I’m planning to write another post about the issues we’ve had with him and our trip to the osteopath, so I won’t go into it all too much here.

But hopefully once the second tooth is through and the ear infection has gone we might have a happier baby.

I’m actually quite looking forward to next month’s update as I think he might be a bit more mobile by then, so he may be a bit more content and hopefully he might be sleeping better. Fingers crossed!


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