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Before I had kids I had visions of spending quality time with them painting at the kitchen table and glueing glitter and sequins, oh what fun we’d have as we crafted a rainy afternoon away. Perhaps I’d go all out and knock up some cupcakes for us all to munch later too – how fun that would be! Nigella would have nothing on me.

In reality I’ve tried crafting with Felix a handful of times and each session has ended with me shouting something along the lines of: “If you’re not going to listen and do it properly then it’s all going IN THE BIN”.  Don’t even start me on the mess – spilled paint, glitter in the carpet, glue sticking everything to the tablecloth. I’ve never been so far from firing up the oven to get those cakes baking in my life

I’d come to the conclusion that crafting just wasn’t for us, but a chance encounter with Laura from A Lovely Little Art Room has made me change my mind. I met Laura at a Mothers Meeting event in London and she was so passionate about providing easy to make craft ideas in a box that I jumped at the chance when she mentioned that she needed some families to test her kits.

Laura is an art teacher and mum to two small girls, Luna and Alba, and wants to pass her passion for art down to a new generation and their parents. Laura says: “I spent lots of time on maternity leave crafting with my eldest girl to keep her busy while I cared for my newest addition. Lots of my friends with kids were telling me how they had a sense of dread at the idea of getting the paints out and I felt that I could design something for super busy parents to make crafting simple and practically mess free.”

Each box is crammed with themed activities for 3-8 year olds – the box that we tested had an under the sea theme with four projects to choose from. Best of all it was pretty much mess free, which is amazing if you’re not a fan of hoovering glitter out of your carpet like me!

Handily all of the craft activities fitted into a compact box that fits through your letterbox so we didn’t need to wait in for a delivery and all the activities are individually packaged, which was brilliant as there was no faffing about, we could just get stuck in. There is also a YouTube video to go with each box that talks you through each of the activities so that no one gets stuck.

Felix really enjoyed making his socktopus, jellyfish and merman and a month on still plays with the socktopus regularly, while the jellyfish lantern takes pride of place on our kitchen shelf. I was really impressed with the activities and no threats to bin anything was made at any point.

If you’re a mess-phobic mum like me, I’m confident that the A Lovely Little Art Room boxes will help you create some fuss-free pieces of art.

The boxes are available to buy for £12.50, 50p from every sale goes to The Red Box Project. For more information head over to A Lovely Little Art Room here


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