Continuing on my quest for the perfect mascara I had to snap up Bad Gal Bang, the new addition to the Benefit family, when I spied it in Boots last week. Now, I’ve learned from my mistakes and picked up the mini version as my ‘overflow’ make up bag is full of mascaras that have failed to impress and quite frankly I’m running out of room to store them (it seems to painful to bin them after a few applications). View Post

I was 32 when I fell pregnant with Felix, I’d been married for two months and we’d decided to crack on with trying to have a baby soon after the wedding, so that February when I discovered that baby no.1 was on the way (the night after a pretty big evening of birthday celebrations) I was very happy.

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Play is something I’ve always found a bit tricky. Luckily my four-year-old, Felix, has always been happy to play by himself so I haven’t really had to come up with elaborate play times to keep him happy, but as he’s getting older and will be heading to school this September I feel as though I should be making play time a bit more constructive. View Post